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We make most of our websites in responsive website design (which means one website works perfectly on all devices, this method is recommended by Google.) Or you may want a standalone mobile website (if you want to keep your existing site and redirect mobile visitors to a mobile version of your site.) Or you can redirect your mobile visitors to a custom built app (this is beneficial if you have a particular function which you want your mobile visitors to carry out.)
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mobile website design

With the massive growth in mobile web traffic and impending algorithm changes coming from the search engines and massively high bounce rates for sites which do not have a proper mobile presence. Whether that’s a standalone mobile website, an app or the Google recommended method which is to have responsive website design. (Which automatically scales your content perfectly to the device which is viewing it, whether that’s a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or even a desktop.) Now really is the time to make sure your business is profiting from the smartphone generation and not being left behind by your competition!