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Or Mobile website SEO if you like, is imperative to get your mobile site found, especially if you are a local business providing products or services locally. Mobile SEO focuses on getting your site found on Google maps and local and will get your business optimised to be at the top of these Google features which are becoming more and more important with the explosion of smartphone and tablet users. Matt Cutts from Google recently said that the next Google algorithm change will focus on downgrading a websites ranking position if it does not have a mobile website which conforms to Google’s guidelines, this next algorithm change is likely to happen in September or October just before the holiday period.

With mobile websites being such a powerful sales tool, if one of your competitors gets found first and has the right content and ‘calls to action’, will your business get a chance or will the visitor buy from them? This is why it is so important to be the first found, second place doesn’t really cut it in the world of mobile.

With our modern mobile SEO services we can make sure that you get found and most importantly used first.

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Whether you need organic SEO services, mobile SEO or mobile PPC, your site needs to be found and used easily.

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SEO for mobile websites

The best qualification for any company who promise the world with their internet marketing and SEO services is to check out how easily their websites are found. All things considered, if they are not at the top of the search engines for their own keywords how are they going to get your business to the top?

You will find at number 2 in the UK and at number 5-6 in the World on Google for our main keywords which are ‘mobile website design’ and at number 1 for ‘mobile website design services’ and ‘mobile website design specialists’ both UK and Worldwide. As you will understand, the keywords which we are ranking for are some of the most competitive on the planet.