Mobile Website Design

Why are we focusing on mobile website design so much in our blog? As an avid Android developer and supporter, using a Nexus 4 smartphone gives a taste of the future, which we are rapidly moving towards. When browsing on my device if I come across a website which is not mobile enabled, I press my back button to go back to the search results and click on to the next site hoping its mobile ready. I’m not any different from anybody else so can see in the next year or so when smartphones and tablets far outweigh laptops and desktops in regards to visiting websites, the writing is on the wall for businesses which have not invested in making their websites mobile friendly.

Whether you opt to go for the Google recommended method of responsive web design so your website works well on all devices or you choose to keep your existing site and redirect mobile users to a standalone mobile version, being mobile optimised/ready/friendly or what ever other term is being used at the time is imperative for future business. Mobile e-commerce is such a powerful tool as long as you have a credible, safe feel to your site.

Mobile Website Design Cornwall

I thought that a blog was well overdue for Mobile Website Design Cornwall.  We are in such a rapidly changing time technologically at the moment, especially within mobile website design, which is now an essential part of any businesses internet presence. Those businesses which have not got a mobile website are finding that the vast majority of people using smartphones and other smart devices are going to their ‘mobile enabled’ competition. Also mobile websites have ‘calls to action’ which are more likely to be used, such as ‘click to call’ and ‘buy now’ buttons, so you can catch your potential customers before they go elsewhere!

Responsive Website Design

Websites which are made with Responsive Design (which Google now recommends) are the future for website design, the fluid grid system allows the website to automatically re-size to suit the smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer which your visitors are using. This is great for avoiding duplicate content, which can really penalise your SEO efforts. Responsive design is suitable to be used for everything from a ‘one page wonder’ right through to mobile e-commerce websites with thousands of  products. Furthermore, responsive design is future proof which is a significant factor in our ever changing World.

Responsive Website Design