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Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design is the future!

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Making websites in responsive design means that they will automatically re-size for the screen size of the device your visitor is using, whether that is a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop computer! By creating websites using this website design method, there is also added functionality, whether you want a mobile e-commerce store with integrated payment options, a location sensitive feature or even an online booking and management system, responsive web design is the direction to be heading in, especially as it is the website design method which Google recommends, this means that device manufacturers and operating system designers will ensure that responsive designed websites will work on their devices and operating systems in the future.

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The video above describes responsive web design in the simplest form imaginable. For an easier explanation, imagine a desktop site with three columns. On a desktop it will show three columns, on a tablet it will show two columns with the third column underneath. With a smartphone it will show one column with columns two and three underneath. This has to be taken in mind when making responsive websites when putting them together so that they look right on all devices.