Social Media Marketing Managed for you

We provide a service through our parent company, Effortless.IT which manages your Social Media Marketing for you. This service will research your business and write quality content which is tweeted and posted on Twitter and Facebook for you at the optimum rate which is 4-7 Twitter tweets a day and 2 Facebook posts. These are scheduled at the peak times which content is read and acted upon. The service also provides up to 3 Facebook image posts weekly.
1) This service fully engages your existing followers and creates new ones through effective use of keyword hash tagging.
2) Your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is boosted through an increase in social signals.
3) A user friendly control panel is provided so you can see all scheduled content a week in advance, you can also post and tweet your own content and schedule it from here.
4) You will get a significant boost in traffic from people looking for your services which will increase your sales!

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